iPod vanity? Get outta here, ya bum!

Here’s a brilliant idea I came up with after stealing it from The A.V. Club. Hit shuffle on your iPod and review the first couple of songs that come up, as David Cross, Ben Gibbard and Isaac Brock have done. As a fan of all three of those human beings, I see absolutely no reason why my songs won’t be just as cool as theirs, unless any of the tracks from McFly’s latest, grown-up album come up by mistake…

We Are Scientists – Let’s See It

Let’s see it, but not listen to it. Their second album was sorely disappointing, since I liked their first one so much. Riding the wave of 80’s revivalism has never sounded so humdrum, and that shall remain the case until Rick Astley should  totter past my window on a Sinclar C5 while bellowing dialogue from Tron through a loudhaler.  A real shame as I loved After Hours, which sounds like a band punching above their weight really. They do a good line in amusing videos though – a dog at a dinner party?! Good lord.

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Ah, this redeems a faltering idea. This is lovely twee indie-pop, the sort of thing that should soundtrack videos of babies taking their first chubby-legged steps. Also enjoys the distinction of being the song that got me into him, although as this is still by far the best song of his that I’ve heard, I’m not fully ‘into’ him, so much as I’m furtively dangling my ear-penis over his moist music-quim. A cool christian name too, which no amount of vulgar metaphor can taint.

Foo Fighters – Big Me

Haven’t heard this in years. This is what the shuffle function was made for, reminding yourself of forgotten gems. Before the Foo’s became a workmanlike power-riff conveyor belt, Dave Grohl wrote two-minute toe-tappers like this. Weezer owe a great debt to this song, and not just because they also used Mentos in one of their videos.

James – Sit Down

For years I associated this song with a very early Harry Hill sketch where he sang this whilst chopping various fruits arranged in ascending size order with a meat cleaver. Imagine my disappointment upon discovering that Tim Booth, the lead singer of James, doesn’t even believe in fruit!


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