The new Russell Beardsmore!


There have been suggestions that, having only started 12 games this season, Ryan Giggs was an unsuitable choice for PFA Player of the Year. Having snooped around the FA website, I have discovered the precise details of the voting for this award. Surprisingly, Giggs’ main competitors have featured less prominently this season than Giggs himself, meaning that he is a deserving winner after all, and everybody else is talking jibberyjoo. The votes in full –

1 – Ryan Giggs (1428 votes)

2 – Phil Brown’s beard (Everyone who plays for Hull, except for Jimmy Bullard, who voted for “banter wiv the lads”)

3 – Tony Adams’ dental brace sliding ominously into view on Match of the Day during  hangdog post-match interviews after another crushing loss (12 votes)

4 –  The promise of a fully-fit Michael Owen (3 votes)

5 – Tactically insightful tactical insight from Andy Townsend (1 vote. Null and void, however, as the voting form had clearly been tampered with using one of Townsend’s very own electro-tactic pencils)

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