Man dies on TV!*

* Not literally.  Watching this is just as painful, however, as having one’s balls removed via gnashing teeth.

Shirley Ghostman was a character played by Marc Wootoon, who is to comedy what a punch in the face might be to a romantic candle-lit dinner. Here he guests on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, in character (and what a character!) and promptly offends Friend/Jew David Schwimmer by riffing on Hitler, has his inept attempts at banter rebuffed by a non-plussed Nicole Kidman, and just generally fails, fails, fails.  This is compelling viewing, if only for the fact that you are watching the demise of one man’s career, confined to one self-immolating interview


Music : Passion Pit – Manners.

Book: Kurt Vonnegut – Jailbird


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