“Please change my pants as fashion dictates.”

A freezer geezer!

"A freezer geezer!"

Behold…Frostillicus! A year on from Rob Knox, Sidcup finds ever more inventive ways of shocking the nation.


An 83-year-old woman who kept her mum’s body in a freezer has told neighbours she is hugely relieved her secret is out in the open.

Frail Daulat Irani, known as Dot, spoke to friends as police revealed her mother, Gulbai Freedoon Murzan, may have been in the chest freezer for almost 30 years.

Dot told how the body in the garage preyed on her mind for decades but she waited until her sister Parvis and brother-in-law Arthur died before she confessed.

One neighbour said: “Dot lived with her sister and brother-in-law until a few years ago. She confided in another neighbour who told the police and then the police came round and found the body.

“I said to Dot, ‘It must be a great relief knowing it’s all out in the open’. She said, ‘Yes it is.’

“She told me, ‘I waited until my sister and brother-in-law had gone. I thought it was the right time. I had to protect my family’.”

Parvis, a gynaecologist, died 

last year, two years after her engineer husband. It is not known if the couple were the ones responsible for hiding the body.

A police source said it was possible that Mrs Murzan, born in December 1901, was put in freezer as early as 1980.

Another neighbour confirmed the suspicion saying: “A detective told me they believed it had been in the freezer for 29 years.” The Mirror revealed yesterday how police found Mrs Murzan’s corpse wrapped in a black bin liner in the freezer in the garage of Mrs Irani’s semi-detached home in Sidcup, South East London. It was claimed the body was hidden because Mrs Murzan was an illegal immigrant and the family feared an investigation if her death was made public.

Nurse Anella Bennett said she had lived in the street for 23 years but had never seen nor heard of Mrs Irani’s mother – despite regularly going into Dot’s house.

She said: “Her sister became unwell and I nursed her. Several times I went into Mrs Irani’s home and we talked. She never said anything about her mother.

“I’m really shocked. She is such a lovely woman.

“I can’t imagine how she is feeling. I want to talk to her and give her a hug.” 

A post-mortem had to be delayed until tomorrow because the body had not fully defrosted.


Regarding that last sentence – that’s a rookie mistake. Everyone knows you get things out of the freezer the night before and leave them on the sideboard. That way it’s fresh fresh fresh for the morning.

In case you’re wondering how the police know that the woman had been dead since 1980, it’s because she was frozen wearing this :

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