‘Happy Birthday! Here’s that furry cape you asked for!’

When I dropped into a conversational e-mail to a colleague that it’s my birthday next week, and that I have two days off by myself with which to celebrate it, she offered to come up with various suggestions for what I might do with the time off. Let it be noted that I’ve only ever spent a week in her company (we work in different offices), so she desn’t know me terribly well. Without posting the list itself, here are some snippets of what she suggested I do, which I do for prosperity so I can check back next week and see what I did end up doing. I will almost certainly not wear a furry cape at any point. 

Suggestion that indicates that she has me confused with Matthew McConaughey – ‘Head to the beach and go surfing’

Suggestion that confirms that she has slightly over-estimated my overall fitness levels – ‘go to the lake district or wales and climb a mountain! ‘

Most bizarre phrase used : ‘Furry cape’

Least exciting phrase used : ‘Jools Holland’

Most unsettling phrase used : ‘Something a little more gruesome!’

Most delicious way to begin a sentence : ‘On the subject of picnics…’


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