All hail Barkevius Mingo!

Why haven’t I wasted any time following the thriving Name of the Year community before? Frankly, the answer simply doesn’t bear thinking about, not even with another man’s head. My interest in such a phenomenon (note the italics for ‘nom’, which is French for ‘name’, which is extremely clever) has no doubt been piqued by the fact that I work with a Genius Chitiyo and a German Priks. Want a side of irony with the main course of weird name? Why not try this for size – the former is no genius at all, and is no smarter than your average Genius Bloggs; and the latter is Russian, which only fortifies his xenophobic moniker.

One Response to All hail Barkevius Mingo!

  1. Genius Chitiyo says:

    My name is Genius Chitiyo. I don’t work with the author at all: I am a full-time student.

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