Drowning in Data

I have an iPhone now. Already it heaves under the weight of apps, lots and lots of apps. I look at Facebook, I browse on Twitter (I now Twit). I take it with me when I leave the house, along with an iPod just chockful of iTunes. At home a stack of unwatched DVD’s stands like a totemistic appeal for simpler times, when man was not awash with information, asphyxiating in an ocean of pixels. I fall asleep in a digital bed, and have Binary Flakes for breakfast. I cycle to work on a bike constructed of spreadsheets and unfinished Word documents. I work inside an internet chatroom with no toilets. I cannot trim my fingernails due to a run time error.  The humanity!


One Response to Drowning in Data

  1. Casandra says:

    Oh lucidity, where is thy knife 🙂
    Correct shot at new humanity…

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